As Nest Pros and Ecobee certified contractors, we often install smart Wi-Fi thermostats for customers who want to learn about home automation and see instant results in a decreased energy bill. When installing these thermostats, we set you up with the respective app, and help you apply for Ontario's $100 Smart Thermostat Rebate

Our larger installations require software to tie all of your smart products together, and both Ecobee and Nest are fully supported. This allows us to install these thermostats with your home automation package or upgrade you to a larger system after your first thermostat is installed. There are pros and cons to each thermostat, so we prefer to consult with you and figure out which is best for your home. 

As certified installers, we offer free extended warranties for Nest, Ecobee, and Honeywell thermostats. 

Another smart thermostat option is the Radio Thermostats RT110. This one is easier to use becasue it relies on physical buttons instead of a touch screen. It runs on Z-Wave wireless technology which unfortunately means it does not qualify for Ontario's $100 rebate. This thermostat is great for our vacation rental customers who have guests that are not familiar with the more-modern style thermostats.



Lutron Caseta Wireless, RA2, and Philips Hue

Our go-to lighting solution is Lutron Caseta Wireless. Caseta Wireless is a system with in-wall dimmers to replace your current light switches. These switches allow for scene selection and full control from your home.  RA2 is a similar system by Lutron, but it has more advanced functions, supports more devices in one home, and has more switch styles. We use RA2 for most detached homes, and Caseta for most condos. 

If you are looking for colour in your home, we support and install Philips Hue as well, and we can discuss the pros and cons of Philips Hue compared to Lutron. 


Home Automation Hub



We use HomeSeer hubs and automation to power your home automation. This means that the smart devices in your home will all connect to one central location which brings your automation together and has the devices speak with each other. 



Security Sensors



Windows & Doors

Water Leaks

Smoke Detectors

Security Cameras