Smart Technology For When You Airbnb Your Home 


Have these thoughts ever popped into your head before?

  • “What happens if a guest makes a copy of my keys?”

  • “Are my guests going to have a party with 50 people over?”

  • “What happens if there is fire or water damage between occupancies?”

  • “I hope my guests remember to lock the door when they leave.”

  • “How can I use less energy while no one is staying in my home?”

If you have had these questions, you’re not alone. We’re here to help.

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How can automation improve your airbnb?

  • Immediately know if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected

  • Use your phone to grant remote access to visitors using a smart lock

  • Receive an instant notification if a leak is detected

  • Turn off your lights when no one is visiting

  • Monitor noise levels to learn about any parties or loud guests

  • Use cameras to monitor areas outside your home

  • Simulate a presence in your vacant home with automatic lights

The options are endless!

I used to be really nervous about renting out my home, but being able to monitor it remotely allows me to sleep better at night
— Chris L.



  • Immediate Alerts

    • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide

    • Parties

    • Leaks

    • Power Outage

  • Automated Door Locks

    • Grant unique codes to each guest

  • Alarm Systems

Energy Savings

  • Smart Thermostats

    • 500 sq ft. - $37

    • 750 sq ft. - $70

    • 1250 sq ft. - $85

    • 1750 sq ft. - $105

Cost: $160 after tax and rebates

Lutron estimates a residential dimmer saves $9.24 per year in electricity and bulb savings. 


Other Products

Wi-Fi Smart Speakers

Noise-Monitoring Devices

Wi-Fi Sensors

Allow guests to connect their own music, listen to their favourite radio stations, and become more satisfied with their stay. This allows your guests to feel more comfortable in a new environment.

60% of guests would actually pay more for a vacation rental home with a smart home feature.

Guest privacy is important, and our smart devices do not infringe on them. We have an option of installing devices which do not record the actual audio, but just monitors the sound levels. If there is loud, consistent sound which seems like a party, you will get a notification on your phone and you can act accordingly. 

Remote monitoring brings you peace of mind while guests are visiting your home. Our remote sensors are able to notify you whenever something isn't normal in your home. We can notify you about smoke, carbon monoxide, leaks, and anything else. We can also use sensors to help with any problems you may have experienced, such as guests moving your appliances. 

The Consulting Process


The initial meeting will be with you, discussing your wants and needs. If you don’t know what you want, that’s not a problem. You get the opportunity to learn about every imaginable use of home automation. Taking place in your home, this meeting typically runs about 30-45 minutes.


Within 24 hours of the consultation, you will receive an online quote with the requirements to make your Airbnb energy efficient, convenient, and secure.

The package you receive is built 100% for you and it has the right products you need for a fully compatible system. Do you want to just start with a smart thermostat and a few light bulbs? We can make it work! Want your whole home converted? We can do that too! This is a completely tailored package to make your Airbnb home one-of-a-kind.


When the quote is accepted and you make a deposit, we order your items and have them on hand within two days. When we know all of the items are in stock, we set up a date and time to install your system. Installations are complete within one day and for Airbnb installations, they typically take 3-5 hours. 

Are you ready for automation in your Airbnb?

If you’re ready to take the three easy stages of home automation, contact us today! The possibilities are endless, and calling us is the first step.

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